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Aims, Learning Outcomes, Benefits and Features

Product Aims
  We offer a range of low cost products that address requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Our products are specifically designed to help you develop and implement ISO 9001:2008 quality management system from start, as well as improve its performance.
Learning Outcomes
  You will understand how to: -
  - access information relating to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.
  - manage your ISO 9001:2008 project successfully
  - assess your business processes, quality needs and staff competencies;
  - produce your project and documentation plans that support business needs;
  - develop a positive culture towards quality and win support from your staff
  - use flow charting tools to define business process flows.
  - prepare quality system documents using our templates, e.g. quality manual, procedures, forms and plans
  - establish meaningful process performance measures, e.g. customer satisfaction, quality objectives
  - minimise excessive paperwork and bureaucracy;
  - effectively audit your quality system in preparation for certification;
  - look beyond certification for further improvements.
User Benefits
  Products are designed for maximum impact. They: -
  - are accessible training tools for staff with which to study the ISO 9001:2008 standard
  - are very easy to use and understand for management and staff
  - explain clause requirements of ISO 9001:2008 in simply terms and translates these into meaningful action plans with relevant references to key quality system documents.
  - provide comprehensive quality manual, procedures, project plans, flowcharts, questionnaires and forms which can be quickly incorporated into your quality system (editable formats provided)
  - help you quickly and easily develop a structured quality system to suit your needs
  - save time in ISO 9001 research, quality system development and implementation
  - are very competitively priced - no need to pay for external consultants
  - can develop your quality system at your own pace knowing you have help at hand.
  - come with free help line support from our experienced ISO 9001 consultants.

Key Features: (Adobe® Acrobat)

  For Implementation and Module Products-
  - Product software platform is reliable, robust and stable for use with Adobe® Acrobat .
  - Search facilities enable you to easily locate and cross-reference information you need
  - Index linking and navigation tools allow you to view and access complete contents and sub topics. Also to quickly identify where you are in the application as well as view pages.
  - Menu and interactive features allow quick finger tip access to relevant details
  - Interactive hotlinks on screens take you to the next piece of information in a seamless and consistent manner, such as to relevant sample documents.
  - Print function enables you to generate the printed output that you require with ease.
  - Software platform allows use on Apple Mac and PCs.
Editable Templates - for ease of use.
  - When you place a order that includes quality management system and support documents, such as quality manual, procedures and forms, these will also be in Microsoft Office format for ease of use and editing.
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