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Free Product Support
When you use our product you are free to call us or email any time for FREE ISO 9001 advice.

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have with your interpretation of the ISO 9001 standard or any difficulties you may have with the development, implementation, training and certification of your quality management system.

Bien Consultants - some details about us

Our Profile

Who are we?
Bien Consultants Generation is an established name in consultancy and software product development and our consultants have a wealth of experience. Nobody knows your business better than you do. When that knowledge is combined with our experience in generating solutions to business problems within our areas of competence, all things are possible.

Why our approach differs?
We do not normally recommend pre-set solutions unless they are specifically asked for. Our approach is to learn as much about your business as we can during free audits in order to identify appropriate and innovative solutions which address your real needs. We do not attempt to do all things to all companies and will not accept any assignments unless we are fully convinced that we can achieve the results our Clients require.
Our Commitment to our Client

We will
provide a range of consultancy services and products for our Clients which reflect best practice and lead to quantifiable improvements.
We will provide our Clients with a consistently professional service which encourages long term relationships.
We will maintain our competence at the "leading edge" in order to provide for our Clients a level of service distinguished by its concern for excellence and ethical practice.

We specialise in:
- quality assurance, process management
- business improvement
- change management
- human resource development
- information technology

Quality Assurance Support:
We support our Clients with the development and implementation of operational and quality systems for manufacturing and service organisations for improved quality and productivity. We have in excess of 18 years experience in management and process/training consultancy, including not only ISO 9001 implementation, but also "Just in Time" and "Supply Chain Management" programmes. We have assisted many organisations with successful implementation of ISO 9001 and workshop training.

Process Improvements:
We are able to carry out project specific tasks in the development of operational and quality systems; enhancing management capability in areas critical for overall improvement in productivity and delivery performance. With our acquired skills and knowledge base, we are able to review the business performance, develop strategic business plans and implement changes at the management and staff levels that increase the profitability of the organisation, reduce operational lead times and improve productivity as well as performance.
We have undertaken work in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe and for both public and private sectors including manufacturing and service organisations.

We offer training and consultant services in Process Re-Engineering, Just in Time Management, Quality Management Systems, Quality Control Techniques and Training for Trainers.
If you need any help please contact us.

Tel  ++44 (0)141 427 9595 

Mob ++44 (0)7802 719 658